Meili Li

Meili has over 16+ years of International Therapeutic Massage, Spa, Body Wrapping, and Body Treatment experience.

She is a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. She specializes in massage for Postural Distortion and Treatment of Lower and Upper Extremities, Neuro Muscular Therapy for Cervical Strain and Sprain, and for Treatment of Low Back and Hip Pain.

She is skilled in Medical Massage Techniques as well as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Chinese Tui Na, Chinese Gua Sha, Trigger Point, and Foot Massage techniques.

She also has over seventeen (17) years of Chinese Fire Cupping experience and is certified by the International Cupping Therapy Association with a Certificate in Contemporary Cupping Methods.

She has worked locally at Family Integrative Medicine of Orlando; Serenity Spa; Woodhouse Day Spa; Hand and Stone Spa; and internationally for 7 years in China and at several Massage and Spa clinics in Kuwait City, Kuwait..

She is a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist, License # MA89602.